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October 30th, 2010 by inneradmin

Hangin’ On
One thing I am clear about is that we just aren’t supposed to be hanging on anymore – to anything. It’s like we are preparing for a global, if not cosmic, garage sale. Everything that doesn’t work, that’s broken or that is just out-dated has to go.The most obvious things that most folks don’t want to let go of are relationships that have served their purpose. Even ones that are painful, even abusive, seem to be difficult for us to part with. Here’s my question: why would anyone settle for an abusive relatioship when being alone would perhaps be happier in the long run? Read More…

NEW – InnerSpeak Empowerment Training on the WEB!
Have you been wanting to take the InnerSpeak class but couldn’t spare a weekend away?For the first time, I am offering this powerful tool as a webinar! You can get the basic class certification so that you can do sessions on yourself and others, and qualify to take the practitioner training when it is offered so that you, too, can teach this class to others.

InnerSpeak allows you to get to the source of any block so that it can be released once and for all. Whether your obstacles come from this lifetime, a past life, or from an ancestor, you can let them go and be free to create what you truly desire!

This webinar will begin December 8 at 8PM EST and will consist of 3 – 90 minute classes.

Contact me today to register! Find out more…

Meg Blackburn-Losey Returns to InnerSpeak Soul Adventures Radio
Dr. Meg has a phenomenal new book – The Secret History of Communication – new information about sacred sites, sacred geometry, the Mayan calendar and the connections between them. I will speak with her live on November 2, 2010 at 8PM Eastern. We will take questions from callers as well and that number is 866-472-5795.She’s always a welcome guest, and this interview should be a must for anyone on the path to 2012 and beyond.

Meg’s website is Link to the Live Show on 11/2 at 8PM EDT

Attracting Money With Your Mind!
All of us want more money, right? Since The Secret brought the Law of Attraction to our attention, many people have been focusing on how to attract more of it into their lives. James Goi Jr. will join me November 1 at noon on InnerSpeak NOW to share his tips to make this an easier process for each of us.The show airs live at noon EDT, and we welcome your questions. The call-in number is (917) 889-2269.
Link to the Live Show at Noon Eastern 11/1

Voices of Soul Talk Radio on CBS’s New Sky
Every Monday at 1PM Eastern, Laurie Huston and I team up to provide intuitive advice and InnerSpeak clearings for our callers. We deal with a wide range of issues: relationships, health, career, money, or helping you find your passion and purpose.On November 1 we will focus on forgiveness – forgiving ourself and others, and we will try to assist you to look at old wounds and resentment in a different light to help you find the higher place.

Call in with your questions or the issues you need help with and we will help you to listen to the voice of your soul.
The number is 248-545-SOUL (7685). Link to Live Show Mondays at 1PM Eastern

Power Tools Meets Bubble Talk
Burge Smith-Lyons and I are teaming up to bring you a one day experiential workshop and a new set of tools for raising your consciousness and preparing you to move forward gracefully through these changing times. We will assist you in uncovering the belief systems you’re holding onto that are “hanging you up” so that you can let them go. Together we will construct a positive new reality and consciously create abundance in every area of your life!On Saturday, November 6 from 9:30 – 5 at Harmony Learning Center in Tucker GA.

Your investment is only $111 and your payoff will be great!

Email me ( to find out more and reserve your space.

Ascension Tools Webinar – November 10
The fifth class in the Power Tools For Ascension series will take place 11/10 at 9PM EST. You can call in via phone or join us on the web. We will cover the Power Tool, Activating, and you will learn how to activate the Ascension attributes for yourself.MP3’s of the first four classes are available for sale in the CDs section of the Store on my website for $10 each. Click Here To Register and Get The Link To The Class

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