InnerSpeak News – Halloween
Oct 30th, 2010 by inneradmin

Hangin’ On
One thing I am clear about is that we just aren’t supposed to be hanging on anymore – to anything. It’s like we are preparing for a global, if not cosmic, garage sale. Everything that doesn’t work, that’s broken or that is just out-dated has to go.The most obvious things that most folks don’t want to let go of are relationships that have served their purpose. Even ones that are painful, even abusive, seem to be difficult for us to part with. Here’s my question: why would anyone settle for an abusive relatioship when being alone would perhaps be happier in the long run? Read More…

NEW – InnerSpeak Empowerment Training on the WEB!
Have you been wanting to take the InnerSpeak class but couldn’t spare a weekend away?For the first time, I am offering this powerful tool as a webinar! You can get the basic class certification so that you can do sessions on yourself and others, and qualify to take the practitioner training when it is offered so that you, too, can teach this class to others.

InnerSpeak allows you to get to the source of any block so that it can be released once and for all. Whether your obstacles come from this lifetime, a past life, or from an ancestor, you can let them go and be free to create what you truly desire!

This webinar will begin December 8 at 8PM EST and will consist of 3 – 90 minute classes.

Contact me today to register! Find out more…

Meg Blackburn-Losey Returns to InnerSpeak Soul Adventures Radio
Dr. Meg has a phenomenal new book – The Secret History of Communication – new information about sacred sites, sacred geometry, the Mayan calendar and the connections between them. I will speak with her live on November 2, 2010 at 8PM Eastern. We will take questions from callers as well and that number is 866-472-5795.She’s always a welcome guest, and this interview should be a must for anyone on the path to 2012 and beyond.

Meg’s website is Link to the Live Show on 11/2 at 8PM EDT

Attracting Money With Your Mind!
All of us want more money, right? Since The Secret brought the Law of Attraction to our attention, many people have been focusing on how to attract more of it into their lives. James Goi Jr. will join me November 1 at noon on InnerSpeak NOW to share his tips to make this an easier process for each of us.The show airs live at noon EDT, and we welcome your questions. The call-in number is (917) 889-2269.
Link to the Live Show at Noon Eastern 11/1

Voices of Soul Talk Radio on CBS’s New Sky
Every Monday at 1PM Eastern, Laurie Huston and I team up to provide intuitive advice and InnerSpeak clearings for our callers. We deal with a wide range of issues: relationships, health, career, money, or helping you find your passion and purpose.On November 1 we will focus on forgiveness – forgiving ourself and others, and we will try to assist you to look at old wounds and resentment in a different light to help you find the higher place.

Call in with your questions or the issues you need help with and we will help you to listen to the voice of your soul.
The number is 248-545-SOUL (7685). Link to Live Show Mondays at 1PM Eastern

Power Tools Meets Bubble Talk
Burge Smith-Lyons and I are teaming up to bring you a one day experiential workshop and a new set of tools for raising your consciousness and preparing you to move forward gracefully through these changing times. We will assist you in uncovering the belief systems you’re holding onto that are “hanging you up” so that you can let them go. Together we will construct a positive new reality and consciously create abundance in every area of your life!On Saturday, November 6 from 9:30 – 5 at Harmony Learning Center in Tucker GA.

Your investment is only $111 and your payoff will be great!

Email me ( to find out more and reserve your space.

Ascension Tools Webinar – November 10
The fifth class in the Power Tools For Ascension series will take place 11/10 at 9PM EST. You can call in via phone or join us on the web. We will cover the Power Tool, Activating, and you will learn how to activate the Ascension attributes for yourself.MP3’s of the first four classes are available for sale in the CDs section of the Store on my website for $10 each. Click Here To Register and Get The Link To The Class

InnerSpeak News – October
Oct 11th, 2010 by inneradmin

Break Free From All The Insanity!We’ve all heard the definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different outcome. But most of us forget how this applies in our lives. Some of the insane behavior we continually repeat is what sets us up for self-sabotage, and generally we don’t even realize we are doing it! Awareness is the first step to breaking free. Responsibility is what knocks it out permanently.

How often do you allow something to make you angry? The catalyst here is usually another person, but it could also be something as inconsequential as something you see on TV or encounter in your daily life. Either way, you have allowed something outside yourself to take your power and create in your reality.

When things start getting good—in your relationships, at work, in the gym—do you begin to act out and create drama? This is a common insanity, and many of us are guilty of this one. Rather than waiting for the expected “other shoe to drop” we start an argument, have an accident, etc. that ends up sabotaging something that was working for us.

Both of these examples of insanity show how our perception of any given situation can create a reality of disappointment. It is our choice, of course, how we look at anything, but so often we don’t take the time to consider that there might be other ways of viewing something.

It’s time for a change! Start by becoming conscious of EVERY thing that punches your buttons. Any time you feel any sort of negativity, take notice. This is the time to take account of your role in what is going on. What choices have you made that let you feel like a victim? How can you make different ones that will place you back in your power?

These are important questions to ponder. Sometimes we need help in really getting to the bottom of these repetitive behaviors. That’s where InnerSpeak can be a great tool for you. InnerSpeak helps you to get to the core of why you have fallen into patterns that aren’t serving you, and you can reap huge benefits from just a single session.

Learn More About InnerSpeak Here

Power Tools Webinar – DetachingThe 4th class in the Power Tools series will be Wednesday, October 13, 2010 at 9PM Eastern. There is no charge for this class, but donations are gratefully accepted. We will examine the Power Tool for Detaching, which is the Reciprocating Saw.

If you missed any of the first 3 classes, you can purchase the MP3 on the CDs page of my store.

This class will be offered as a webinar. You can still call in via phone, but if you prefer you can attend through the Web as well!

Here is the link to attend the class:
To attend, visit:

Link to the Webinar!

InnerSpeak Soul Adventures on VoiceAmerica – Upcoming ShowsOn Tuesday, October 19 at 8PM Eastern, my guest will be Carol Allen. If you’re searching for the love of your dreams or struggling with a partner you once thought was dreamy, Carol Allen’s got your back—and the information you need to be happy in love! She’s counseled thousands from housewives to Super Models, TV stars, and English Royalty – in the area of relationship. She’s a Vedic astrologer (the system of ancient India, which has been used for thousands of years to arrange marriages, so is hair-splittingly accurate on the topic of love) and relationship coach. And she’s going to do a reading for ME on the show – so it should be really interesting!

On October 26, I will interview James Tybberon, channel, and then November 2, Meg Blackburn-Losey will return to tell you about her fantastic new book, The Secret History of Consciousness.

Link to Live Show Tuesday at 8M Eastern

Voices of Soul – Powered By CBS RadioBRAND NEW this week! Every Monday at 1PM Eastern, set your calendar to listen in to my new talk radio show with my partner, Canadian Intuitive, Laurie Huston.

Are you ready to listen to your Soul and learn what your potential is? Are there things holding you back but of which you are unaware? Are you ready to clear away all the obstacles on your path to success in every area of your life? Jean and Laurie, Voices of Soul, have the answers you are looking for. Each week we focus on another piece of the puzzle that all of us are struggling with and help you fit it perfectly in place so that you can become the Master Creator and leave all thoughts of being a victim behind – once and for all! This coming week we will look at Accountability and what it means in our lives.

Join is on The NEW Sky!

Link to the show at 1PM Eastern on Mondays

InnerSpeak NOW on BlogTalk RadioI’ve also got some great shows lined up on BlogTalkRadio! On October 18, my guest will be Nan Akasha, best-selling author of Already Rich – Secrets to Master Your Money Mind. We are all ready to be wealthy, so listen in and learn more!

And on October 25, I will speak with Ha Tran about her new book, Empowered by Hope. It’s her story and it is riveting.

This show airs live every Monday at Noon Eastern, so mark your calendar!

Link to the Show Pages

Are You Ready To Turn Back The Hands of Time?A younger face, slimmer tummy and tighter buns can be yours without surgery! This new tool puts you in touch with the field of pur potential. What do YOU want?

A free Wellness Tuneup will allow you to experience the power of Trinfinity8. All you need to do is email me – jean@jeanadrienne to schedule yours. Then all you have to do is be open to receive!

InnerSpeak News – September
Sep 29th, 2010 by inneradmin

BalanceIn my last newsletter I shared ideas about Balance. Since then, more information has come in to me.

We experience discomfort when we are out of balance in our human vessels. And we must intend that we find that balance if we want to avoid involving our physicality. The balance is between the obvious, the male and female aspects of ourselves, but there is a third component – that of the child.

When our Inner Child is out of balance with its male / female aspects, it is no different than a little human child who is out of control. That scared Inner Child is the one who is causing the upset in our outer world as we move higher and higher in consciousness. Little children don’t like change. They want stability, and when they feel ungrounded, they “act out”!

My Inner Child was trying to get my attention for the last several months to show me the areas where I was out of balance – pain, illness, and I wasn’t listening! So it began to throw tantrums. It seems that we are no longer being given a “hall pass” to allow us to hold onto old belief systems and attachments which don’t serve us as we move into the new energy of Ascension.

So, how do you deal with a four-year-old who is having a tantrum? Today’s kids respond best to love and consistency. Tell your child that you ARE in charge as its parents – both mother and father, actually. Tell it that you will protect it at all cost as you move together upward and into a much better space. Tell it that it is loved beyond all comprehension – and FEEL that for yourself!

Link To InnerSpeak Website

New Book Launch With Great Gifts!Are you intrigued by the goddesses and gods of ancient Egypt? Have you ever wondered what it would be like if ancient Egypt still existed? Can you imagine a world where people constantly think about the afterlife and how every decision they make can determine their ultimate fate? Whether their soul will meet the ones they love in another world or be devoured by a monster instead?

Our Lady of the Absolute is about Meres, a woman dedicated to her country and fellow citizens. But when her beloved sister-in-law unintentionally commits a crime punishable by death, Meres must take a hard look at herself and the rules of her country and religion, based on the beliefs of ancient Egyptians.

Let author Resa Nelson’s take you on a roller coaster ride unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced. If you buy today, you’ll receive tons of exciting gifts and bonuses, including a discount on a 2-week tour of Egypt in 2011 with author Resa Nelson. This trip offers the opportunity for a book club meeting with the author, a chance to walk among the ruins and hear how they inspired her book, plus private, individual consultations for aspiring writers. This tour group is limited to a small number of travelers, so it’s likely to fill up quickly!

Click Here For More Information

Upcoming Radio Shows On VoiceAmericaAre you ready to hear messages from your Angels? On my October 5 show, my guests will be Elizabeth Smith and Dierdre Abrami from the Angel Hour Show. They will provide channelled messages for all callers, so dial in early on 866-472-5795 to get yours!

My guest on October 12 will be best-selling author, Robin Sharma, whose new book – The Leader Who Has No Title – is winning top awards.

These shows are live at 8PM Eastern. If you miss one, they are always available in the archives and there is a link on the Radio Show page of my website.

Link To Live Show at 8PM

October 4 on Blog Talk RadioOn October 4 I will be speaking with two great guests – Mary Denaro, a visionary committed to empowering entrepreneurs to raise their awareness and consciousness – by embodying the gift of their intuition in their life and in their conscious business. Using her signature system, Becoming Your Own Intuitive™, they experience crystal-clear clarity in making decisions, more ease and vitality, and create a life and business in sync: authentic success from the inside out, and R. Christian Minson – a former monastic and conscious entrepreneur. His titles include Inspirational Speaker, Wellness Coach, Certified Transformational Breath® Senior Trainer, Ordained Minister, Yoga Instructor. Through his company, Breathflow Wellness, Christian travels internationally and teaches the application of spiritual principles and breathing techniques to achieve modern-world success and happiness. As the “monk on the street,” he has delivered his message to churches, universities, and yoga centers around the country and abroad, as well as contributing to Vision Magazine. He and Mary are contributing authors to the upcoming anthology, “Align, Expand, and Succeed: Shifting the Paradigm of Entrepreneurial Success.”

Blog Talk Radio Link

Coming Soon! My NEW Call-In Show on CBS Radio!Starting October 11 at 1PM Eastern, I will have a new offering – the show is called Voices of Soul, and my partner in this effort is Canadian Intuitive, Laurie Huston. We will do our tag-team approach that has worked so well on both our radio shows in the past. Laurie will give the callers her intuitive advice and I will clear their pathway to success using InnerSpeak! This show will be available LIVE on FM radio in Detroit, Seattle and Boston and through www.newsky.comon the web.

More details will be available next week so check my website for links.

Ascension Tools Teleclass #4 – DetachingThe fourth class in this series will take place on October 13 at 9PM Eastern. It is my goal to do this one as a webinar! Since I just got back in the US last night, there is still quite a bit of groundwork to be done to pull this off, so bear with me!

To register, contact me at and I will send you the details – either the call-in number or the url to register for the class online. Going forward all classes will be on the web so you can skype in if you are outside the US.

The class will be recorded and offered for sale at $10 on the CDs page of my website after October 15.

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